Drew Jarrett has teamed up once again with IDEA to publish his latest book 1994, a collection of unpublished candid photos of his life working behind the fashion scene. A session hairstylist at the time, Jarrett was well entrenched in the London fashion landscape when he started documenting the lively group of young creative revolutionaries that he lived and worked amongst. Mario Sorrenti, Kate Moss, Stella Tennant, and Kirsten Owen populate the archival images as these iconic figures are caught in positions of repose, lost-thought, intimate vulnerability, and unbridled joy. There is genuine humanity found in the snapshots, whether it’s in shots of Owen’s wind-blown hair, giant smile on her face as they drive on the open road, or in the portrait of a joyful Moroccan woman, photographed in all her beauty. 1994 is a witness to the beginning of Jarrett’s storied photographic career, set amongst superstars.

“1994” by Drew Jarrett is now available online through IDEA.

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