Retooling the essence of the fashion system, Burberry and Ralph Lauren—among other major houses—implemented See Now, Buy Now strategies last year. Such reactive modelling has begun to close the gap between the amount of time fashion designs go from runway concept to retail stores, allowing the customer to shop and wear faster. Operating in that same vein, The Kit, a new, vertically-integrated contemporary brand by Daniel Vosovic, yields high-quality clothing within a two-week timetable. “We create what we want, when we want to—true innovation can’t happen unless the idea is sustainable,” says Vosovic. Compatibility is the brand’s ethos, freeing both design and clientele from frustrations that afflict progression through life: Luxurious stretch silk reveals original graphic prints cementing the signature hoyden aesthetic. Rich, unique, and evergreen, The Kit is problem-solving demands for designer fashions, fast.

Women’s desires are no longer trussed to traditional western ascriptions of femininity. Satisfying “pretty quotas” set by mister man is bygone. Believe the 1975 apothegm, indeed, “the future is female.” Vosovic, a 2012 participant of the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s two-year Fashion Incubator program, conceptualized the brand using his own visions of the ultimate 21st-century woman: clean, spirited, and versatile. “We did this thorough overall in order to accurately and properly set new standards of quality, speed, and capability for the future,” says the designer, “I aim to bring a creative spirit to everyday life.” Using only two silhouettes to inform his collection, Vosovic integrates a masculine streetwear elegance that is consistent with the current style demand. The Kit, with tony and uncomplicated raiment, has developed a refreshing model to producing fast designer fashion for today’s leading lady.

Lauched this month, The Kit’s first collection is available for purchase now.

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