Fashion house Prada unveils its very first line of semiprecious jewelry. Drawing inspiration from the occult powers of primeval amulets, magical crystals, and other sacred artifacts, the Prada Talisman transcends categorization as mere embellishment. Each object in the unisex collection sees rare gemstones fused with wood, seashells, and exotic animal motifs sculpted into silver and gold—an eclectic combination signifying the delicate balance between nature and design.


The release is accompanied by a short film directed by Marescotti Ruspoli. In it, models Sija Jure and Quintin Konijnenberg journey through an enchanted forest, each draped in and guided by the mythical powers of the talisman jewels. They are in search of something—love, maybe, but perhaps also strength, beauty, or worldly fortune. Like the mysterious aura of the talisman, the true object of their desires remains just out of frame, waiting to be deciphered.