Editorial illustration played a pivotal role in the shaping of news content and opinions; how the modern world perceives class and culture results from mediatization of style and amusement. Contrary to the affaire d’amour fussily boasted by few leading publication houses, the pacific romance between couture brands and artists is one that is slow-cooked, private, and evergreen. Evident of this is “Dior by Mats Gustafson,” the most recent publication from Rizzoli, beholding Swedish illustrator Mats Gustafson’s meditations over accomplished haute couture and ready-to-wear collections from the house of Dior. This tome follows last year’s release of “Dior: The Art of Color,” a historical account of Dior maquillage throughout art and fashion contexts.

Gustafson’s watercolor and collages are revisionistic to representations of antiquated distinction: Here, the Dior woman is unabashedly the jazz, particularly the reader’s consideration is drawn to Parisenne comportment and mode. Accompanying are exclusive style depictions crafted by founder Monsieur Christian Dior and riveting commentary by journalist Tim Blanks. With themes of diversity and inclusion eclipsing exclusivity set up by the old guard, Dior provides a new view on fashion in its embrace of modern times.

Based in New York, Mats Gustafson is a graduate of Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm.

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