Many have photographed muse Guinevere Van Seenus, but perhaps none have captured such an intimate and fervent point of view as Drew Jarrett has in his new book “Guinevere,” released just this week through IDEA. Previewed in the gallery above, the entirely-naked photography was shot in under two days at the artist’s home in upstate New York, where he “simply aimed to catch beautiful light, shapes, and rich, painterly colors.” Set in and around the house, the garden, and in ponds and rivers nearby, Jarrett reverently captured the essence of Van Seenus, playing upon the soft natural light, and the interactions with both his model and the stark environment around them. “I kept the imagery simple and honest,” he says. “I’m always influenced by finding the right light, colors, and feelings, coupled here with catching special posed moments, while still keeping them raw and real.”

“Guinevere” by Drew Jarrett is now available online and through select stores worldwide.

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