The visceral with the ethereal. Lights track and flourish over their dancing leads as Works & Process premieres “Falls the Shadow,” a series of four choreographed events at the Solomon r. Guggenheim. Designed around the rotunda and led by American Ballet Theatre principal Daniil Simkin, the performance weaves together the languid movements of the dancers with 3-D mapped visuals. Using motion sensors, cascading currents of light ebb and flow, out from the dancers, combining the emotion of live bodies with a programmed exploration of color. In preparation of the events, a preview video shown above highlights the dancers as they move in interaction with each other. A constant balance between light and shadow.

Accompanying the dancers are costumes designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri of Dior adorned with sparkling metallic veins, and sporting white stripes at the waist and running down the sides, printed with the now familiar “J’Adior, Christian Dior.” Just as the lighting seeks to expand and showcase the vitality seeping out of the dancers, so too do the silvery veins of the costumes. “I imagined the costumes beginning with the body’s expressive role in dance,” said Chiuri of these designs. “They’re skin tight and above all support the subtle gestures, flexible poses, and sinuous movements.”