London based photographer Max Cornwall has worked with Tim Walker and Rankin. His style is defined by his use of 6×7 film and unique juxtapositions. Cornwall’s interests lie in the surreal and the banal, and he wouldn’t mind getting a book or two published.

What is your dream subject?
Shooting the cast of Twin Peaks on the actual set.

What is exciting to you about where photography is heading?
Fashion photography is becoming less interested in perfection. It seems more intrigued by reality but representing it in an otherworldly way. Creating characters instead of creating beauty images.

How did you choose your subjects?
I am always looking at people. As a Gemini, my interests are very broad and fleeting, so my research changes all the time. I love what comes out of it. It tends to be this blend of lots of different observations.

What is the responsibility of a photographer to their audience?
To not offend and ultimately to make them feel engaged. The element of surprise is really important with any kind of creative endeavour. You need to catch them off guard and make them question their taste and take it in a new direction. I really enjoy when I see an image or painting, and it changes the way I think in some way.

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