Steph Wilson lives in South London with 30 birds and a little dog. Although fine art painting is also within her realm of expertise, she hopes her photographic work will help bring female artists into the limelight. Her recent projects play on her obsession with movement and elementary themes.

What do you hope your contribution to photography is?
I’d like the work to stand the test of time, whilst bringing a new female perspective to a (still) male dominated industry. I’d also like to simply bring some joy and truth that fashion photography doesn’t often offer.

How would you describe your vision in ten words or less?
If my Tory grandmother likes it, I’m doing something wrong.

What is exciting to you about where photography is heading?
Gender no longer—to an extent—dictates who rules the industry. As new gazes are acknowledged, new genres of photography will be. It is no longer a safe place for the elite but a platform for disrupting elitist attitudes.

What has been the hardest lesson you’ve learned as a photographer?
Old cameras occasionally fuck up. It happens, just get on with the next project and never take anything to heart. Criticism is invaluable.

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