Mr. iozo is a New York based photographer and director. His cinematic imagery is largely influenced by film, music, and the human condition. He embraces dark realism, detailed set design, and evocative use of lighting.

What has been your proudest moment as a photographer? 
So far, shooting images for A$AP Rocky’s album, TESTING.

What has been the hardest lesson you’ve learned as a photographer?
Not to rush. Patience is key.

What is the one picture you wanted to take but never did?
I’ve shot everything I’ve wanted to take so far. There are concepts I have in mind, but I need to save them for an artist or client that provides me with a budget. In general, budget would be my biggest restriction when shooting as I can only push my ideas so far without one.

What is a misconception about upcoming photographers you’d like to dispel?
That we are all the same and that we all shoot the same. It’s not true. We don’t get a spotlight in photography because of trends. We shoot what we think is visually striking and appealing to us. We take our time and choose quality over quantity.

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