Lucie Khahoutian is an Armenian visual artist based in Paris. Her work creates encounters between western contemporary culture and traditional Armenian references. Khahoutian tends to go back and forth between collage and photography to emphasize the magical and spiritual qualities in her work.

What do you hope your contribution to photography is?
A playful approach to the medium and a tribute to my visual cultural heritage.

What is your dream subject?
Magic, mystical matters, witchcraft, a sorceress.

What has been the hardest lesson you’ve learned as a photographer?
Succeeding often has very little to do with talent.

What is the most essential quality for a photographer to have?
I believe the hard part is not to take a picture but to edit your content and define what makes a picture stand out. It is hard to detach the image from the context and the memory of when you took it. Sometimes it is a nice memory and you somehow like the image, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good picture.

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