Andreas Laszlo Konrath encounters his subjects through visual repetition in order to investigate their lives. A zine maker and co-founder of PWP, Konrath uses his deep understanding of photography’s rich history as an experimental practice to inform his evocative photographic storytelling.

When did you get your first camera?
My next-door neighbour sold my Dad a Nikon F100 which he gave me as my 18th birthday present.

What is exciting to you about where photography is heading?
The challenge that anyone and everyone can take a photo nowadays and how to operate amongst that and to find your own voice amongst the noise.

In your opinion, what makes a subject compelling enough to photograph?
Someone you can fall in love with for a few moments and learn something from.

If you could return to any era and photograph, where would you go?
Photography in its essence is about documenting the past, so I’m just looking at the era that I’m currently in for now.

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