Luis Alberto Rodriguez is a former dancer, and he uses that background to inform his choices as a photographer. His work places bodies in a direct dialogue with natural materials, haunting the viewer with the recognizable turned unrecognizable.

When did you get your first camera?
I purchased my first camera about 8 years ago. Not that I had any idea how to work it.

What is exciting to you about where photography is heading?
I’m personally not a fan of new technologies or the obsession for everyone to be a brand these days, but I do think the ability to reach a vast audience with your work at the touch of a button is exciting.

How did you choose your subjects?
When I feel the body, face, or personality of that particular subject can serve as a vessel for my imagination to run bonkers. It’s chemistry. It’s momentarily falling in love—without all the creepy stuff.

In your opinion, what makes a subject compelling enough to photograph?
The ability to not answer any questions based on their appearance.

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