Marcus Schaefer is a Frankfurt born photographer currently working out of London. His practice involves merging the traditional aesthetic of fashion photography with sculpture and landscape painting influences. This interdisciplinary approach makes for touching and striking compositions which often warrant a double-take.

How would you describe your vision in ten words or less?
Melancholic, dark, a bit odd but quite classic.

How did you choose your subjects?
Most of my projects and ideas come whilst I am working on personal still life projects. I’m not a set or prop designer, but I love creating organic shaped and formed installations or sculptures and then capturing them in different ways. Interestingly that mostly turns out to be the starting shot for any new fashion or beauty project. The subjects I then choose usually go harmoniously in line with my most recent still life work.

What do you hope your contribution to photography is?
I consider my work quite calm, thoughtful and vulnerable. If anything, I would hope to possibly get people to rest for a little while when they take a look at my work or photography in general.

What is a misconception about upcoming photographers you’d like to dispel?
Inexperience. Some people love saying young artists are not experienced enough. I think some sort of inexperience and naivety can be a good thing, as it might lead to a completely different and unprepossessed approach to photography and its results. That can be quite refreshing.

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