Amanda Fordyce has been living in between Barcelona, Melbourne, London, and India for the past three years searching for the place she is supposed to be. Through her travels, Fordyce forms meaningful connections with subjects resulting in a portrait of her singular experience and interaction with the places she investigates. Photography is what gets her out of bed every morning.

Who inspired you to pursue photography?
One particular photographer I assisted, Eryk Fitkau, it was the craziest time of my life. He lived and breathed photography. He would say “there’s no right or wrong, always experiment!” He likened photography to marinating a big piece of meat. “In the beginning you should try everything and anything, then as your taste and experience gets better, you’ll find your rhythm and need less ingredients to make magic.” I think that relates to life as well, not just photography.

Aside from a camera, what is a photographer’s most valuable tool?
Dreams, good and bad ones. The good ones inspire you to create. The bad ones make you question and also inspire and force you to create.

What motivates you to continue with photography?
It’s who I am, what I do, and how I communicate. Photography is how I meet people, the reason to find out about someone or some place. I also love what my photography brings to others. The experience of the photoshoot sometimes more than the final images. I feel like a stronger person with camera. My mind is quite chaotic, constantly thinking about a million things, when I’m shooting my mind stops racing and I get to focus on one thing.

How would you describe your vision in ten words or less?
A vibrant, honest fascination with people, culture, and the unknown.

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