Photographer Willy Vanderperre and contributing fashion editor Olivier Rizzo collaborate for Document’s Fall/Winter 2018 issue.

Hair Anthony Turner at Streeters London. Make Up Peter Philips at Art+Commerce. Casting Ashley Brokaw. Models Maaike Felderhof at Women Management, Luard Fyson at Bananas Models, Antoine Gouffaux and Mats Vandenbosch at Be Models, Kristers Krumins and Maikls Mihelsons at Bro Models, Fernando Albaladejo at Hakim Models, Aaron Sirainen at IMG, and Maoro Bultheel and Daan Duez at Rebel Management. Manicure Sharon De Winter at Dominique Models. Lighting Technician Romain Dubus. Digital Technician Henri Coutant. Photo Assistants Sander Muylaert and Maarten De Laet. Fashion Assistants Niccolo Torelli, Fanny Stranders, Emanuelle Bastiaanssen, Oona Bovri, and Francisco Reis. Hair Assistants Claire Grech. Make Up Assistants Kathinka Gernant. Production Isabelle Verreyke at Mindbox and Bert Jorissen at 4oktober. Production Coordinator Lise Luyukx at Mindbox. Production Assistants Javor Malhounov and Olivier Hendrikx. Special Thanks Stephanie Jaillet and Elisa Allenbach at TripleLutz Paris.