‘Portrait Of,’ a photographic series co-authored with CELINE, immortalizes those subjects Slimane deems indispensable to music history

Bob Dylan is the latest in a long line of artists captured by Hedi Slimane, joining the ranks of Jack White, Iggy Pop, and Julian Casablancas. These iconic musicians—emerging, certifiably legendary, and anywhere in between—are immortalized through the lens of the multihyphenate creative, in his photographic series Portrait Of.

Music culture has long-saturated Slimane’s practice, working itself into the folds of his collections at CELINE. It’s there in the clothes themselves—sleazy, inspired by rockstars—and in the way that they’re presented: most recently, from iconic nightlife venues, eschewing typical moody soundscapes in favor of sets by The Libertines and The White Stripes.

Slimane took to Los Angeles to photograph Dylan—a logical continuation of Portrait Of, given his unmatched eminence through and beyond the folk industry. The artist had his start in the early-’60s, amassing an oeuvre that boasts of some of the world’s most popular hits; his voice is singular, as is his poetic lyricism, cementing him as one of the greats of the American artistic tradition.