To Marta Pawłowska and Paolo Musa, the body is a canvas

The model and photographer's new project is a journey of self-exploration and creative confidence

The body is the ultimate canvas, as model Marta Pawłowska knows. Partnering with photographer Paolo Musa, she explores this concept through a new photo series featuring herself, graphic designer Vittorio Valigi, and model Pavlina Eneva. Each participant painted themselves in an act of self-exploration and spoke on their discoveries. “Each experience is different,” Pawłowska commented. “It’s a beautiful personal trip into our body awareness, confidence, and creativity.”


Marta, Milan, August 2020 
“A self-love trip. Covering my body in paint dissolved all insecurities. In the light of creation, there is no nudity. A canvas of infinite possibilities unfolded as the smell and texture of the paint melted together with my skin. Music and movement were my guide. With every drop of liberating paint my body transformed into another shape, another reality. I appreciated every touch, every movement, every version of my body.”


Vittorio, Milan, September 2020 
“The paint became my camouflage. It was a tool to hide and protect myself in the absorbing and unknown territory. By covering my body with paint I was trying to blend with the new surroundings. When standing face to face with the sacred animal I understood the paint was not enough. My body, although fully covered, wasn’t able to fit in with the new situation. I remained a dirty man unable to hide my real human nature​.”


Pavlina, Milan, November 2020 
“It was an interesting experience, I’ve never had my body painted before. To be honest, I felt a little uncomfortable at first, but once I covered my whole body with paint the uncomfortable feeling faded away. It felt different, not like when you wear clothes but, still, there was my creation, my art, covering me all over, covering my little one. It’s a different feel when you are pregnant I guess, it’s very emotional. ”

Models ​Marta Pawlowska​, V​ittorio Valigi​, and​ Pavlina Eneva​.