‘Don't let your day job define you.’ Louis Vuitton Men channels the boundless, dreamy feeling of a childhood afternoon spent cloud-gazing.

For his Fall/Winter 2020 men’s collection, Louis Vuitton’s creative director Virgil Abloh presented a reimagining of the classic business suit from a youthful perspective. The runway—set in a floor to ceiling skyscape and littered with a pair of oversized scissors, thread spool, and a tree trunk that held the promise of an unseen treehouse—gave the viewer the boundless, dreamy feeling of a childhood afternoon spent cloud-gazing. 

The first suits that hit the runway, beautifully-crafted and impeccably tailored, fell within traditional business style codes. Gradually, the show took a surreal turn as the suits began featuring fluid cutouts—as if the garments’ panels were formed by the seams of reality rather than stitching placement. Suits with pops of highlighter pink, voluminous ruffles, and entirely composed of monochromatic knitwear challenge anonymous workforce uniformity, allowing suits to be a mode of expression rather than conformity. The collection closed with seven looks covered in the same skyscape as the show’s setting: jackets, sweaters, trousers, luggage—the models even wore cyborgian facepieces created by Isamaya Ffrench that reflected their blue, cloud-spotted surroundings. “Don’t let your day job define you,” Abloh advises, distilling the freedom of expansive horizons into garments.