Massimo Giorgetti and Dario Argento regroup for a charmingly sinister Fall/Winter 2020 collection.

Just a month ago, Massimo Giorgetti joined forces with filmmaker Dario Argento for MSGM’s Fall/Winter menswear collection—with charmingly sinister results. It was only fair, then, that the duo provide the same treatment for the brand’s women’s show. So, for their second collaborative effort, they expanded upon the prints of Argento’s films that had been introduced for men’s. A graphic t-shirt of the Suspiria movie poster was veiled by a lace dress, Jennifer Connelly’s eyes from Phenomena were dizzyingly collaged onto a block-patterned button-down blouse, and emblems from The Cat O’ Nine Tails were interspersed upon flowy dresses.

Prints aside, the collection compellingly embodied the spirit of Argento’s sartorially-specific characters and the highly-stylized world of the giallo film. A group of witchy school girls opened the show, conjuring up the dance academy-cum-coven in Suspiria. Deep red, like that of the movie, cropped up throughout the collection in a pair of gloves, a feather boa, and a tweed dress. ’70s glam, too, had its moment, closing the show in a whirlwind of sequins, ruffled collars, and fur shawls. Through Giorgetti and Argento’s synthesized vision, existing in a world of horror has never seemed like such an enviable position.

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