The photographer captures the blur of transitioning from childhood to adulthood in her trademark poetic approach.

The intricacies of youth and cusping at adulthood are the focal points of Stef Mitchell’s latest zine. One Damn Thing After Another builds on the poetic nature that Mitchell has come to be revered for, incorporating unassuming photography of adolescents combined with her own personal imprint. The zine combines a fragmented narrative comprised of pencil drawn sketches ripped from a notebook. “This world is not my home” reads one, above a triptych of young boys cropped at the neck. “The best of everything good” floats next to a portrait of Mitchell’s own sister standing to the side of a lake. The sketches of haunting wolf like creatures and horses muddled throughout the pages give the characters she is examining a backstory, just enough to leave the viewer mesmerized until the next page.

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