One photographer's close look at Imperial College London's Aerial Robotics department where the future of drone flight is being hatched.

Amidst rising populations and growing urbanization trends, new and ethical technologies are being investigated to improve how our planet functions. Societal needs mean 360,000 tonnes of goods are moved each day in a city like London, alone, and yet 86 percent of deliveries from e-commerce companies weigh under 2 kg. More modern, green and flexible solutions are required. At Imperial College London’s Aerial Robotics research department such solutions are very much on the drawing board. Here, Dr. Mirko Kovac and his team are developing bio-inspired flying robots, extracting key physical principles within nature to implement into improved robotic design and functionality. Document sent a photographer to the facility to look at how a drone is created from drawing board to test flight—to gain a clearer idea about what their present and future holds to not only improve quality of life but to also live in synergy with us.

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