Christie's presents an online sale of 60 iconic works, including paintings, photographs, drawings, and a single NFT

Andy Warhol was something of an anomaly. Despite being one of the best-documented artists throughout history—a New Yorker article detailed how “every few days or so, he would sweep all the stuff on his desk into a storage box, date it, label it ‘TC’—short for ‘time capsule’—and then store it”—his practice remains quite difficult to decipher. This discrepancy, of course, and all of his other personal idiosyncrasies, make up the whole of his endless intrigue.

With this in mind, Christie’s presents The Andy Warhol Diaries—an online sale of 60 works of art, including paintings, photographs, drawings, screenprints, and a single NFT. The pieces are paired with excerpts from ‘the Diaries’ themselves, “an extensive compendium of the artist’s observations over the last decades of his life.” Proceeds will benefit the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts’ endowment, which supports artist-centered organizations and promotes the creation of new and impactful work.

“Hiding in plain sight amongst the caddy gossip, introspective moments, and extensive musings in The Andy Warhol Diaries are details which provide a valuable understanding of Warhol’s work,” says Michael Dayton Hermann, the event’s curator. “The works offered in this sale show us that there is always more to know and discover.”

View The Andy Warhol Diaries here, through March 31.