Christopher Kane has never shied from exploring sexual themes within his collections, and this season was no exception. Taking on the idea of the fetish, particularly rubberists and looners, Kane’s collection demonstrated the myriad of ways fetish can center itself in our lives. Laidback black turtlenecks with airy sleeves loudly proclaimed Looner beneath a green balloon, a nod to those who enjoy balloons more than others. There were sleek dresses reading Rubberist and featuring rubber gloves reaching up to the chest. There was also the navy blazer with the black latex collar, or the many dresses with a playful balloon print, for those who wish to give a more subtle nod to kink.

Where there wasn’t latex there was lace and chains. An all-white ensemble with a short skirt, puffing sleeves, and a sheer lace bodice was paired with earrings reminiscent of high school chemistry class. Other pieces were adorned with chains, accenting the chest as they connected the shoulder blades or the bare arms emerging from a sleeveless dress. Kane’s clothes provide us with a means of taking fetish out and about with us, no matter how bold we may be.

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