Far from from the weight of real-life prejudices—racism, sexism, hatred—the world of rave culture is one essentially free of boundaries and restrictions. Predating back to the 1950s in the UK and the 80s in the United States, the colorful community draws from acid house and other subcultural movements to spotlight self-expression in its most honest forms.

For Document No. 9, our fashion director Sarah Richardson teamed up with photographer Ryan McGinley to blend their viewpoints for a current and global declaration of youth, freedom, and love. View the full editorial here along with a special video.


Models Dilone at DNA, Ian Weglarz at Fusion Models, Willy Morsch at IMG, Simone Thompson at The Lions, Julia Cumming at Marilyn, Lida Fox at Next, Lili Sumner at Next, Avi, Bobbie, Harry Charlesworth, Robot Moon Juice, and Scotty Sussman. Hair Recine at The Wall Group for Rodin. Make up Dick Page at Jed Root for Shiseido. Lighting Sam Nixon. Digital Operator Travis Drennen. Photo Assistants Jared Christiansen, Jason Acton. Fashion Assistants Sue-Wen Quek, Michael Beshara. Post-production 232 Studio. Special thanks Mia, Addis, Rikki Barney, Alycen Case, and Eve Dimova.