The label’s Fall 2022 collection is inventive in form and thoughtful in material

Cool and unpretentious have become increasingly difficult to execute in simultaneity for the world of fashion, but Eckhaus Latta manages to maintain its legacy in doing so, despite its growth. For their 10th anniversary show, Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta placed their models in the former Essex Street Market. Its crumbling interior calls to a history of New York creativity that was built in the types of barren warehouses Eckhaus Latta often occupies. Essex Street Market was also, not coincidentally, the location of the label’s first brick-and-mortar.

Soundtracked by Brian Chippendale and DJ Doss, the runway presentation was, appropriately for its occasion, a tribute to the brand. Artisanship dominated the show—the delicate handiwork of patchworked chainmail and modular lace are counterpoised with ripped knits and distressed fringe. Inventive tailoring is a point of continuity throughout the collection with thoughtfully placed slits and square-edged cuts. Glitter is rolled across models in a gesture of asymmetry. They wear clean faces with a brown lip, rejecting any illusion of uniformity and instead celebrating their uniqueness as well as that of the pieces they wear.

For Fall 2022 ready-to-wear, Eckhaus Latta maintains the indie craftsmanship it was built upon, while continuing to elevate in the ranks of the fashion world.

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