Since Eckhaus Latta’s conception in 2013, the bi-coastal design duo Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta have managed to merge together the worlds of art and fashion. This year alone, they earned a LVMH nomination and became the first fashion brand to have an exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art in over 20 years. Their Spring/Summer 2019 show, located on a barren floor of a functioning warehouse in Bushwick, saw fashion editors, curators and artists gather intently to witness what a brand with such a succinct and distinctly unique sense of self would present next.

The Eckhaus Latta Spring/Summer 2019 collection was a deeper evolution into the ethos of the brand with variously dyed jeans, mesh and knit tops, and experiments with embellishments and beading. More refined, tailored pieces—sometimes with exaggerated shoulders or funky detailing—were juxtaposed against Eckhaus Latta’s edgier visual codes. Chef Danny Bowien of the famed Chinatown food destination Mission Chinese walked down the runway clad in a teal mesh shirt and low slung blue jeans dyed burgundy on each side.

The soundtrack, conceived of by Brian Chippendale, was made of an orchestra of children—who included the kids of downtown creatives, like artist Nate Lowman and casting director Rachel Chandler, Bowien, and designer Maryam Nassir Zadeh—clothed in oversized orange t-shirts that read “Eckhaus Latta” in yellow lettering, screaming, ringing on bells, shaking tambourines and pounding on mini gongs. The playful approach provided for a lighter, happier mood—and perhaps the cutest finale of New York Fashion Week so far.

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