The French house revisits Paloma Picasso as its muse for Spring/Summer 2022

Saint Laurent’s Spring/Summer 2022 presentation began with the sound of high heels tapping, suggesting that a powerful female presence was about to enter the fashion stage. Moments later, a string of figures began to glide around the flashing structural set, their slick silhouettes showcasing the broad shoulders of jackets, long slitted skirts meeting necklines, and skintight jumpsuits in revived YSL florals—all elements combining to present a woman that is sensual, but not to be messed with.

Anthony Vaccarello returned to Paris Fashion week in epic fashion showmanship, with yet another sophisticated tribute to Paris, complete with the shimmering Eiffel Tower in the background—a runway show that mesmerized guests after a pandemic devoid of much to marvel at.

Enter, the spirit of Paloma Picasso, a red-lipped business woman in towering heels, painted in signature orange, red and blue the designer and understated muse of Yves Saint Laurent. Vaccarello said Paloma was the only woman who had ever inspired a collection for Yves Saint Laurent. Spring/Summer 2022 is a revival of Picasso, the Yves archives, and the Parisian runway fashion show.