In a new dance essay by Laurent Amiel, two soloists explore the innate intimacy of movement

Both in personal and professional life, connectivity is paramount. Although wide-ranging in its applicability, the principle of connectivity may be most viscerally rendered in the world of dance. Utilizing every part of one’s body, connecting to the ground under your feet, and being tied to accompanying music require an intense and intuitive awareness unique to the dancer’s sensibility.

In this “dance essay,” filmed by Laurent Amiel, featuring soloists from the Royal Danish Ballet, the emphasis is placed on forging a sense of closeness. The immediacy of the music—Bach’s Suite no. 2 in D minor, for cello—is complimented by the sensuality of two barefoot dancers. Clad in Vivienne Westwood and Acne Studios, the pair move through the rehearsal space as if on stage, paradoxically displaying intimacy for an audience separated by time and space.

Dancers Stephanie Chen Gundorph and Astrid Grarup Elbo at The Royal Danish Ballet. Cellist Oda Mathilde. Hair Jan Stuhr at Le Management. Make-up Gitte Guldhammer at A Management. Movement Director Amalie Adrian. Director of Photography Barnaby Coote. Producers Emil and Niels at The Lab CPH. Sound Engineer Gil at Supersonic. Sound Design Fabien Girard. Video Editor Marco Alvarez Novoa. Color Grading Kevin Le Dortz. Gaffer Ida Natalie Lampe. Post-production D-Factory. Stylist Assistant Simone Schmidt Adrian. Special thanks to The Royal Danish Theatre.