How make up artist Peter Philips repurposed silver snaps to created his pared-down punk rockers.

By now, it is no secret that “no-makeup makeup” is labor-intensive. When a beauty look strives to be natural, a lot of pressure weighs upon perfecting the skin. Fortunately for makeup artist Peter Philips, Dior offers an extensive skincare line, created with men in mind. To simplify the process, the Dior Homme Dermo System provides a step-by-step regime that covers all the bases: Soothing after-shave lotion, invigorating moisturizing emulsion, the pore control perfecting essence, and, finally, the anti-fatigue firming eye serum. Only after the skin had been fully treated with the system did Philips consider makeup. With flawless skin as his directive, Philips applied Dior’s primer, foundation, and concealer, evening out skin tone and subduing imperfections. To finish off, he added a few dollops of luminizer, which enabled the models’ faces to capture and glow from the light.

Against the clean background of natural skin, Philips took care to highlight the eyes. Drawing from Dior’s arsenal of brow products, he structured and strengthened eyebrows with the Diorshow Brow Styler and the Pump N’ Brow. The star of the beauty look, however, were the silver snaps pressed in the corner of the models’ eyes. Not only did the snaps provide a locus for the light to absorb, but they also, according to Philips, served to “pay tribute to Judy Blame, who recycled everyday objects so brilliantly.” A conceptual flourish built upon a classic foundation—the considered balance typical of both Philips and Dior.

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