Cartier captures the myriad scents of nature’s waterways

With Rivières de Cartier, a trilogy of fresh water fragrances, perfumer Mathilde Laurent derives inspiration from three different rivers

Nature and its rivers are the centerpiece of Cartier perfumer Mathilde Laurent’s newest olfactory creation. With Rivières de Cartier, a trilogy of fresh water fragrances, Laurent follows the scents that water carries; minerals, leaves, roots, fruits, and flowers all mark the rivers that flow past them.

Allégresse is the first river, bottled in delicate tuberose. Absorbed in bergamot leaves, grains, and fresh tones of black currant bud, its dewy scent is dominated by an air of freshness. The second river, Insouciance, is a deep breath of honeyed fruit. It’s distinctly sweet, bouncing off irises and violets under a cool shade, giving powdery tones over the dampness of its water. Cartier’s third river, Luxuriance, is painted in ferns, lentils, oak, rosemary, and wild herbs, balanced with the citrusy scent of geraniums.

For Cartier, the environment serves not only as a source of inspiration, but also as a subject of care. The fragrances’ alcohol content is entirely derived from plant-based ingredients without any artificial coloring. The refillable pastellised glass bottles are packaged in cardboard, a conscious effort by the French luxury brand to uphold its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.