Document takes a closer look at the Fall/Winter Men’s collections in New York.  Photographed by Gabriela Celeste.

Greg Lauren

Greg Lauren invited presentation-goers to a historical and masculine mise-en-scene with a live-action boxing ring in the center of the spectacle. His clothing was complex, layered and texturally rich, with historical elements peppered throughout.

Gypsy Sport

CFDA fashion fund winner Rio Uribe turns out another statement collection exploring cultural and genderless boundaries, warping them into a unified sporty collection.

Robert Geller

Robert Geller explored a childhood novel growing up in Germany to produce a clean sartorial collection that was clean in cuts such as lapel-less double breasted jackets, and looser more relaxed trousers.

Tim Coppens 

Tim Coppens’s obsession with youth and street culture continues. But when intertwined with a tailored eye, the clothing takes on a more serious tone with a brilliant highlight on streetwear and grungy undertones.

Duckie Brown

Less is more, was the theme hammered down by Duckie Brown for F/W16. The collection of six looks built on the foundation of traditional black suiting and white shirts, while remixed with subtle nuances to keep the clothing forward thinking and elevated.

Siki Im

Siki Im showed a heavily gothic-inspired collection keeping his palette to a muted trio of black, oxblood, and purple. Elements of streetwear kept the tone surprisingly fresh considering the darker subject manner, resulting in a wide range of entirely wearable separates.

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