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1. The Essential Cy Twombly, includes Twombly’s most thoughtful and poignant works from his illustrious career. A legendary innovator of the art world, the book provides an intimate look into Twombly’s unique and vast archive.

2. Dior: The Legendary Images, provides an expansive view of one of the most legendary fashion houses in the world. Every major face from Dovima to Daria is included in this wonderfully luxurious visual history of couture.

3. HOLLYWOOD, by Don Bachardy explores Bachardy’s wonderfully expressive portraits of some of the largest names in show business including the artist Himself, Christopher Isherwood and Jane Fonda. Up close and personal.

4. One of the most widely reviewed books of the year, White Girls by contributor Hilton Als, a contemporary poet of popular culture in his own right, this collection of personal essays is hypnotizing. Covering everyone from Truman Capote to Andre Leon Talley, Als’ boldly honest stories will blow your mind.

5. The father of fashion photography, Horst, proved the worth of fashion photography as an art form, as evidenced by his works in Horst: Photographer of Style. The images in this book inspired, and will continue to inspire new generations of artists.

6. A thoughtful look at Alber Elbaz’s cherished aesthetic, Lanvin: I Love You is a bright and whimsical peek into the colorful world of Lanvin.

7. The Smell of Us gives a sneak preview of grunge provocateur, Larry Clark’s, highly anticipated film, sure to shock and excite. (Book available Feb. 9, film coming soon to U.S.)

8. Contributor Michael Cunningham’s newest novel, The Snow Queen, depicts a fantastically lucid New York and it’s truistical, complex inhabitants.

9. Painstakingly stunning, Robert Gober’s The Heart Is Not A Metaphor, is a multi-sensuous amalgamation of the artist’s personal and cultural experiences.

10. A celebration of the iconic, Louis Vuitton Fashion Photography, is a veritable portfolio including the biggest names in the business.

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