The Italian brand Scarosso teamed up with the American icon Brooks Brothers to unveil a sumptuous and preppy collection of footwear at last month’s Pitti Uomo. Showcased under the distinctive vaults of the Sala d’Arme in Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio, the collection demonstrated four styles of shoes, from the traditional derby to the more contemporary penny loafer and sneaker, which blended classic details from both the heritage clothier and the upstart Milanese label.

Moritz Offeney founded Scarosso in 2010 to capitalize on Italy’s heritage of fine craft by working with traditional artisans. With a 21st-century fusion of handicraft with modern business practices, Scarosso operates with a direct-to-consumer model that gives them oversight of the entire supply chain, while offering accessible prices.

The collaboration with Brooks Brothers further showcases Offeney’s move towards democratizing luxury shoemaking. Founded in 1818, today Brooks Brothers is best known in the US for promoting a classic prep style that evokes trips to the country club to meet a morning tee time. Take the collection’s sneaker, a clean white design adorned with the classic Brooks Brothers golden fleece insignia.

The centuries-old setting for unveiling the collection demonstrated this eye to blending established and emerging traditions. The Palazzo Vecchio was built at the end of the 13th century to serve as the seat of government for the Republic of Florence. It originally housed the Signoria, the primary ruling body of the city-state. Later, the Grand Duchy of Tuscany moved the building’s function toward broader civic purposes, housing various government offices and public institutions, making it more accessible to the people of Florence. Today it offers services to the city resident’s as the city hall, as well as acting as a museum of local history and a meeting place for civic groups and demonstrations—a history that showcases modern accessibility in the heart of medieval and renaissance opulence.

The collection will be available online from both Scarosso and Brooks Brothers.