The menswear designer’s newest collaboration with the Arizona Coyotes is proof that hockey is street style’s next sporty obsession

Are you gonna chirp the ref, you beauty? While written in plain English, this phrase is both grammatically confusing and highly specific, indicating two things about its origins: regional, and likely sports-related. For fashion designer Doni Nahmias, this idiosyncratic language is central to latest endeavor, a new line of leisurewear for the NHL’s Arizona Coyotes.

“Alex [Meruelo], the owner of the team, approached me initially. He said he loved what I was doing in the fashion space, and wanted to explore how that could be integrated into the sport of hockey, specifically for his team in Arizona,” says Nahmias about his new off-the-ice collaboration. “I would say the main difference between designing for menswear and [this collection] is that, when I’m designing for the team, there are already existing branding elements to work with, which makes it really fun.”

Available on Common Hype, an Arizona retail platform offering a blend of streetwear and contemporary fashion, Nahmias’s leisure-based line for the Coyotes features everything from boxy snapbacks to patterned mesh shorts to a lifestyle jersey for dedicated fans who want to rep their team with a garment more fashion-forward than a typical sports jersey. “The team has an iconic Kachina logo and a lot of throwback designs from over the years, so being able to sift through the archives has been a very special experience,” says Nahmias, referring to the Pueblo religious figure.

With an influx of soccer-related swagger flooding the street style arena, 2024 is proving to be the year of the high-fashion puck bunny, sans misogynistic connotation. Canadian singer-songwriter and dancer Tate McRae is the movement’s main muse, honoring her Calgarian roots by editorializing the icy sport’s gear in her music video for “greedy.” Artists like McRae and her many acolytes are making a splash in the sports-but-chic scene, suggesting that it’s time to ditch the Dirk Bikkembergs soccer ball bag for a rhinestone hockey glove.

Nahmias’s partnership with the Arizona Coyotes is the latest installment of spreading the love of puck to the wider North American audience, showing that allegiance to a team can be fashionable, too. “I’ve often used hockey as inspiration on my mood boards [for my own brand], so now being directly involved is a great experience,” he reflects. “I’ve played sports my whole life, and I’m growing to become a big hockey fan. To [be] a creative is competitive, and it’s a very competitive space to be an athlete. I believe both feel a tremendous amount of pressure to perform, and both also give an incredible high: We wake up, live, and breathe for it.”