The musician and Intima founder curates a list of songs for getting back into the physical, from Björk remixes to Ofra Haza’s transcendent vocals

Joni is building her brand. Intima is the title of both her 2022 EP, and the party she founded that same year. Since its inception, it’s become one of Bushwick’s most popular nights, having hosted big-name DJs like Juliana Huxtable, Umru, and Antpuke. The projects share a fundamental concern with intimacy, as suggested by their name—also a reference to the innermost part of an organ. While Intima the event was created to bring people together in the name of catharsis, emphasizing the grit of nightlife, the songs on Intima the EP shine and scrape in your ears, like they could be the soundtrack to our bodies’ inner workings.

In the spirit of getting people back into the physical, and starting spring fever early, Joni curated a playlist for Document. These songs push and pull between the comforting and the chaotic, thawing your heart and getting your blood moving again.

“Untitled” by Ana Roxanne
“The intro track for this playlist. A warm place to start.”

“Don’t You See It?” by Loraine James featuring Jonnine
“Loraine’s production always hits hard. For me, this gorgeous song off her EP Nothing is about wanting to move on, but [still] holding onto something: ‘The tighter you hold on, the more you’re losing out.’”

“In Ta” by Ofra Haza
“Ofra is one of the greatest voices of the 20th century. I adore her. On this track, her mesmerizing vocals—reciting Yemenite Jewish prayers—blend into the electronic club production. The Darbuka drums are layered so beautifully, and the multiple shifts throughout the track really take you on a transformative journey. I want more of this at the club!”

“Claim It” by Klein
“This one is for keeping it raw. This track by Klein is enchanting and mysterious, with warm textures that will scratch your brain.”

“Hester” by Smerz
“A track to lose yourself in, off Smerz’s 2021 album Believer. It feels like relief of an enormous stress—like running as fast as you can before collapsing.”

“Rain” by Offer Nissim featuring Maya
“This track is for sobbing uncontrollably on the dance floor—getting the club floor wet with both sweat and tears.”

“Come Unto Me” by Lotic
“With its incredible production and mesmerizing vocals, this explosive track off the latest Lotic album feels like a deep dive into the type of affection that swoops you off your feet and paralyzes you.”

“Alienation” by Holly Herndon
“Computer sirens and operatic confusion. This is as melodramatic as it gets. A great alarm for people that love feeling like their skin is peeling off their body as they wake up.”

“Beating” by Tirzah
“This is the type of reassurance I want. This song makes me feel like the core of things can be actually simple and easy. You almost fooled me, Tirzah!”

“Let X=X” by Laurie Anderson
“For me, this track is a good reminder to let things be what they are, in the most comforting way. The questions you have are sometimes also the answers.”

“Pile Up” by Demdike Stare
“Empty your mind. Immediately!”

“Sacrifice (Death Grips Remix)” by Björk
“This Björk remix is so explosive.”

“Dragonflies” by Doon Kanda
“This opening track, from the album Doon Kanda just released a week ago, had me really emotional. Evoking distant memories of old pianos and serenity.”

“International Lover (Piano & A Microphone 1983)” by Prince
“This live version of ‘International Lover’ is really sweet—a great listen if you wanna feel like Prince is causally flirting with you. He always gets me when he says, ‘Let me come inside… Let me come inside…’ Okay babe, I promise I will.”