Michelle Duncan releases a new collection which pairs seduction with a femme fatale confidence

DUNCAN defines itself by a certain punk meets business aesthetic—so it makes sense that its Fall/Winter 2022 presentation took place in a Chelsea office space, cut dramatically into light and shadow as early evening sun poured through tall windows. The brand was founded in 2019 by Michelle Duncan, but this collection was grounded in collaboration: Creatures of the Wind’s Chris Peters joined the creative team for the season, adding bright color and romance to the signatures of the brand’s evolution.

The partnership flourished. “It has been, for me, a beautiful marriage of design and creativity,” said Michelle. The resulting garments retain the DUNCAN spirit—you could wear some pieces to work, to a goth party, and back to work again—but feature fresh details, or those innovatively presented anew. There are seductive details, immediately balanced by curious reserve: Lingerie is paired with long trench coats, and deeply low-cut dresses fall all the way to the ankle. Most models wore high boots, and traditional accessories were foregone in favor of studs and sequins punched onto pieces’ exteriors. Bright red dresses and trousers stood out amongst the mostly black-and-white palette, and DUNCAN’s trademark tartan seems here to stay.

“Fall/Winter 2022 is about our evolution,” reads the label’s press release. “Humanity and creativity would be nowhere without the collective of friends and family surrounding us to push and support our growth.” DUNCAN is going strong—and with an army of supporters by its side, there’s nowhere to go but up.