Solange believes in the power of documenting transitional moments in life through art. She asked photographer Rafael Rios to capture her during a period of passage.

When I look back at imagery of myself, even two years can seem like a lifetime and be transformative. I’m really interested in documenting the mundane and almost uneventful change. How our eyes change over time. What a moment in time can teach us about where we are heading and where we’ve been.

Image making is important. Style is important. They are both an integral part of expression. Making images for an editorial story helps amplify that, but I definitely don’t feel like that’s the ideal time to build trust with a photographer. Building trust with a photographer is urgent—this has been the foundation of my relationship with frequent collaborators Renell Medrano, Carlota Guerrero, and now Rafael Rios.

Last summer, I asked Rafael to come capture me in my own element, on my own time, and in my own space. These latest images are a continuation of our work together, and a testament to the power of documentation—of preserving transitional moments in life through art.

“There is a certain level of trust and comfort that comes out of documenting people over a span of time, you’re able to catch a glimpse of different emotions you may have previously missed,” he told me. “Whether it’s a celebration or doing nothing at all there is something sacred about preserving these moments. It’s what I’ve done by documenting my own family over decades. Each time I preserve their relationship to their environment and themselves. Ultimately through my photos I hope to share my own perspective on life while allowing the subject to tell a true narrative of who they are.”

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