‘Chronicles’: a fantasy anthology starring Ajak Deng and @uglyworldwide

Fashion photography's answer to 'Game of Thrones.'

Stylist Jimi Urquiaga has long yearned to push the boundaries of traditional fashion photography dominated by brand promotion and narrow eurocentric beauty standards. Today, his dreams come true as his ethereal storybook with both narrative text and fashion photography, Chronicles, launches. The series, released annually and founded in collaboration with photographer Justin von Oldershausen and sponsored by Smashbox Studios BK, tells a multimedia story of the evolution of life on earth. This first book, The Awakening, describes an elaborate origin narrative told through ten photographic stories. Each photograph in the book was directed and styled by Jimi. The eight exquisite covers feature some of the industry’s finest, including Jazzelle Zanaughtti (@uglyworldwide), Ajak Deng, Brooks Ginnan, and Fisher Smith, among others.

Browse all eight covers in the slideshow.