Julie Hoomans wants to travel back to 1989 Berlin and into the A.I. future

While quarantining in Amsterdam, the model dreams of fresh bread and restoring public faith in science

About Face” is a series in which photographer Christian Brylle captures models in their most natural states of being, revealing professional chameleons as their idiosyncratic selves. “These pictures are acts of pure portraiture—capturing the individual’s personality using light and shadow, movement and gesticulation,” Brylle says. “No interference. No distractions.” He sees the photographer’s task as capturing “the moments when the subject’s spirit reveals itself,” transcending the physical and withstanding time.

For more than seven years model Julie Hoomans has captivated the fashion world, featuring in campaigns for nearly every major fashion house and strutting likewise down their runways. Hoomans appears right out of a Vermeer painting, and the Dutch model is inclined to play a tactical gambit. While quarantining in Amsterdam, she is finally learning to play chess and has dreams of working on artificial intelligence. 

Who am I: Julie Hoomans.

Person I would like to switch places with: Natalie Portman.

People I admire the most: People who stay true to themselves and do what they love, no matter what others might think of them.

Event I wish I’d witnessed: The fall of the Berlin Wall, I can only imagine how special that moment must have been.

My idea of happiness: Spontaneous get-togethers with friends outside in the summer sun, accompanied by good food and drinks.

My biggest fear: Losing a close family member or friend. 

Games I play: While self-quarantining in Amsterdam I’ve started playing lots of Dutch board games. And my boyfriend is planning on finally teaching me how to play chess!

My greatest adventure: Putting a hold on my career as a model to go back to university.

Something I’d like to change: Politicians that fuel distrust against journalists and scientists. 

Something I’ll be remembered by: According to my boyfriend, my genuine interest in people and endless enthusiasm—although he might be biased. 

One thing I’d like to forget: Nothing—not the good nor the bad, all experiences shaped who I am today.

Something I’d like to accomplish: Working successfully as a model for another couple of years and then get a master’s degree in neuroscience or artificial intelligence.

Something that inspires me: Reading–everything from a good book or an interesting article to a new recipe.

A question I can’t answer: Why do I always seem to have headwind when I cycle?

One last favor I’d like to ask: Could someone please bring me freshly baked bread every morning?

Who I’d like to be: A person that contributes to the happiness of the people around them.