Raquel Zimmermann has FOMO about the Big Bang

For our series ‘About Face’, the supermodel talks self-improvement, staying sane, and leaving home at age 15.

About Face” is a series in which photographer Christian Brylle captures models in their most natural states of being, revealing professional chameleons as their idiosyncratic selves. “These pictures are acts of pure portraiture—capturing the individual’s personality using light and shadow, movement and gesticulation,” Brylle says. “No interference. No distractions.” He sees the photographer’s task as capturing “the moments when the subject’s spirit reveals itself,” transcending the physical and withstanding time.

There are many models, but few supermodels. Raquel Zimmermann is a supermodel. After being discovered in her native Brazil at the age of 14, she left home to travel the world becoming super along the way. Zimmermann has graced the covers of Vogue, i-D, and V (among others). She’s featured in campaigns for Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, and Prada (among many others). In 2018, she became the face of Revlon and starred in a Lady Gaga music video. With such a busy schedule, how does she stay sane? Simple: meditate (twice a day).

Who am I: Everything, I am a cell in the body of the universe.

Person I admire the most: Sri Anandamayi Ma, she is an enlightened being and she inspires me everyday. 

Event I wish I’d witnessed: The Big Bang, I wish I could have witnessed the beginning of it all. 

My idea of happiness: Peace of mind, when you have that, nothing can change your world. 

My vice: Meditation is my vice. I need it everyday two times.

My greatest adventure: Leaving home at 15 to travel the world by myself. I’m so glad I followed my gut feeling.

Thing I’d like to improve about myself: I would like to be less selfish. 

Things I’ll be remembered by: That’s not for me to say.

Some things I’d rather forget: Sadness, I believe that sadness is a feeling that we have to let go of.

Things that inspire me: Nature will always be the most inspiring thing for me. We can learn so much from nature.

Who I’d like to be: I would like to be the better version of myself.