The creative mastermind—and VP of Sila Sveta—shows us how she keeps her curiosity satiated during quarantine.

Polina Zakh is a creative director and the Vice President of Sila Sveta Studio. Translating to ‘Power of Light,’ Sila Sveta is a conceptual design company known for interactive installations that respond to our current climate. (Soon before the world went into lockdown, the company launched an app called LayerSS at Mutabor, a Moscow club housed in an old machinery plant, allowing the crowd to interact with virtual art objects in the club’s IRL industrial surrounds.) Polina’s other major projects illustrate her insatiable curiosity and drive towards the truly spectacular—she has curated the visuals for Drake’s Scorpian tour, Cardi B’s performance at the 2019 BET Awards, the Met Gala interactive experience, and the ‘Loneliness’ installation for Borealis Light Festival in Seattle. Last year, Polina and the Sila Sveta team took over what’s maybe the world’s most iconic LED displays—the lights of Times Square in New York, which were transformed with CG art to celebrate the launch of Ian Schrager’s new Edition hotel. As we wait for our public spaces to become sites of interactivity once again, Polina explains how she’s been keeping her curiosity satiated online.

Travis Scott’s Fortnite Astronomical Concert Event
Everyone is trying to figure out the future of livestreams and live events moving into the digital – although it was a full on live gig but pretty impressive. Love the visuals, well done!

Club Quarantäne
These folks are great—they partnered with Resident Advisor and rolled out one of the first fun streams. Please, need to follow them for the updates.

Easy, fun, social volunteering
If you feel like volunteering during these times, here is my friend’s app that can help you navigate different options.

‘Visit’ the New Museum
I love the way the New Museum pulled together the series of innovations online projects, commissions, and exhibitions.

Focus-friendly radio
I love this radio to focus, it’s so calming. Sometimes I have a really hard time focusing so this helps.

Very Good Films
Okay, I get really annoyed when people say that they are bored during Q—seriously? I think it means that they are boring, not that they are bored, lol. Here is a link to the list of the top movies, check how many you have watched.

The Publik Library
This source is done by the creatives, for the creatives and the not very creative—and I love these kinds of storages of links about anything in this world. Scroll through, dig in!

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Also. this is just pure joy. I am a fan of Alvin Ailey dance theater and they now stream their performances. Don’t miss out!

Performa Livestreams
And, of course, Performa! Thursdays and Fridays at 7pm EST.