Silvia Venturini Fendi's Fall/Winter 2020 collection defines utilitarian, industrial elegance.

The Fendi Men’s Fall/Winter 2020 Collection designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi re-imagines a new normal, introducing futuristic takes on traditional garments. With a tinge of retro-futurism, this collection distills the essence of Fendi’s classic ambiance into a lively and functional wardrobe. 

Contrasting heavy materials such as wool, twill, and flannel with a plush selection of shearling, flocked denim, and suede, this collection applies captivating cuts to fabrics and reconstructs proportions in an eye-catching manner. Ms. Fendi plays with the concept of  the multi-use garment as sleeves zip off in a variety of assemblages and straight-legged trousers diverge with a skirt attachment. Fendi’s shape-shifting attire further materializes as three-panel coats in fur and different tones of suede and leather that unzip to transform an overcoat into a jacket or bolero. In classic European business style, various garments, suit jackets, and cut-off sweaters include featured cigar pockets set next to modern credit card and headphone compartments. 

The quintessential FF logo in a chain-linked pattern appeared in multiple abstractions of monochrome prints—epitomizing the season’s ’70s-inspired charm. The iconic Fendi yellow flashed in this collection’s accessories on leather shopper bags; handknit, oversized wool scarves; and bright sunglasses rims, paying tribute to vintage Fendi packaging. Another homage to vintage style draws upon 1800s trunks as hard and soft monogrammed suitcases rested upon the arms of the runway models. Bucket hats, docker beanies, and balaclava-styled scarves overthrow formality in Fendi’s masterful approach to  industrial elegance. 

Representing the first photo-chromatic menswear to grace European runways, Fendi, in collaboration with Anrealage’s creative director Kunihiko Morinaga, utilized color-changing fabric to bare black and yellow graphics when exposed to UV light.

Fendi Men’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection is a curated conglomeration of the creative director’s vision and the brand’s affinity for futuristic designs with archival inspiration.

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