Venturini finds her groove in sepia-toned funk and hippy solar optimism

Silvia Venturini’s first solo venture after the passing of Karl Lagerfeld was a hope-filled tribute that gave renewed relevance to the 1970s. She described the collection as “a solar mood,” referencing the collection’s color scheme: muted reds, mustard yellows, burnt oranges. The color palette also incorporated muted blues and greens, and shades of autumnal brown. Crochet was used in deep v-cut collared shirts and beach-ready maxi skirts. There were ethereal, flowing silhouettes and iridescent gingham print. “Flower-power” prints were utilized throughout the collection, as were fur, velvet, and suede, perfect for a modern-day Pennie Lane. Sheer high rise socks accompanied almost every look, a perfect pairing with loafers that appeared in a wide variety of colors. Accessories included quilted, fringed, and woven bags and gold rings worn around a chain on models’ necks. Oversized sunglasses, shag haircuts, and disheveled ponytails added an extra sense of groovy ease.