The genre-blending artist merges psychedelia, funk, and indie with house on his new five-track EP, ‘Black Moses,’ out today. He created a playlist for Document to capture his eclectic influences.

Fresh from touring with Childish Gambino this summer, Channel Tres brings house back to its roots with his new five-track EP Black Moses, released today. Part Jeff Mills, part Isaac Hayes, the Compton-born producer’s infectious basslines and smooth vocals make you feel like it’s summer in the late 1980s. Channel Tres’s influences transcend genre designation; “Sexy Black Timberlake” a Detroit house-imbued  track, fuses West coast rap and funk, while “Raw Power” honors Iggy Pop with psychedelic deep house and “Black Moses”, the title track, features JPEGMAFIA over a hip-hop beat. “I listen to so many different types of songs by different artists all the time,” explains Tres.

Document asked Channel Tres to put together a playlist of his favorite artists: “I don’t ever really have like a mood playlist or anything, I just connect with each song as it plays. It’s all performance art in its own right, and that’s how I try to listen. Here’s a bunch of new stuff, old stuff, hip hop stuff, indie stuff —whatever it is, these are the songs that I always find myself coming back to.”