The serpentine “technoprincess” conjures a playlist to celebrate the launch of her mens jewelry line, featuring tracks by Marie Davidson and Miss Kittin.

Sometimes you just need a bit of dark energy added to your life and “technoprincess” Sita Abellán is here to help you. The DJ, model, and all around “it girl” injects her otherworldly style into everything; from the fast and acid washed techno beats that she mixes into her DJ sets at Ibiza and fashion week’s hottest parties; instagramming her jetsetting with close friends such as J Balvin and Rosalía; and now this year, her jewelry line aptly named Lilith (the Babylonian demon of the night). The serpent designs that coil through hair clips, necklaces, rings, and more intertwine with themselves, helping you summon an air of dark ancient mysticism for any occasion.

This month, Sita gathered her friends at David Lynch’s Parisian club Silencio to dance, rave, and celebrate the launch of the new Lilith Mens collection which features her serpents cast in acidic green and gold.

For Document, Sita created an exclusive playlist, which you can listen to below. “The playlist is an imaginary soundtrack to my days, from when I wake up till when I go clubbing,” Sita added, as the tracks move from positive affirmations set against a low tempo beat, to the driving and layered beats of Marie Davidson’s “The Psychologist”, and the relentless techno of Miss Kittin. “It reflects my taste in music, which ranges from Electro sounds to Dark Wave and Techno. I created my latest Lilith collection listening to this music and felt inspired, so that’s why there’s a dark side to it.” The tracks will help get you into the mood to reflect, as Sita puts it, the “historical tradition of Lilith, the Female Demon, who is a devilish creature of the night, rebellious and independent.”