A look inside of Aperture's latest monograph, The Photographer in the Garden, a simple homage to the garden's delicate perfection.

The gentle qualities of gardening parallel the isolated art of image making. Fittingly, these adjacent practices when combined cohere into something delicate and expansive at your fingertips—like the folds of an origami design. This month, Aperture releases The Photographer in the Garden, a monograph on the history of the garden, the beauty and hard work embodied by them, seen through the lenses of dozens of photographers. Robert Mapplethorpe, Stephen Shore, Collier Schorr, and Imogen Cunningham are among the green-thumbed enthusiasts responsible for documenting these landscapes of human intervention. From vintage photographs of family plots to elaborate locations such as the Versaille gardens, each image captures the simple glory of the gardens evolving across seasons.

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