This season, Sies Marjan’s latest collection was set inside a neon-lit dreamscape, a vision of futuristic romanticism. The designer duo behind the label, Sander Lak and Sies Marjan, have quickly become most well known for their extravagant use of color from the label’s earliest days. At their New York Fashion Week presentation, Document went backstage and discovered models navigating their way across the venue into various doorways painted a stimulating pink, yellow, and blue—zigzagging, ultimately, through a hypnotized crowd of fashion insiders. Everything from the textiles to the hair worked under the glow of this technicolor daydream, including the label’s pleated dresses, which were dip-dyed to simulate the blended colors saturating the models as they walked. Each boasted blonde hair sprayed-painted a neon blue on top as if a very peculiar light was hitting them. Flowing fabrics served as the collection’s design motif, perfectly gathered in some areas, slouching and relaxed in others. The amorphous shapes making the viewer ponder if they had just woken up from a dream or if they were still floating inside of one.

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