Set against the transient backdrop of an airport, Fendi’s menswear offering for Fall/Winter 2018 was set to weather any storm. Perhaps this is a forewarning to the perils of the current political climate, but, as is to be expected with Fendi, this was a decidedly straightforward and luxurious output.

It’s only appropriate that the focal point of this collection was discernibly the accessories, as the now indomitable fashion house started as an accessories boutique in Rome in 1918. The playful spirit of Silvia Fendi’s homage to their accessory laden past ran rampant on the runway with bucket hats, shearling mittens, fur jackets, leather grocery bags, and even umbrella hats. Nearly every model was carrying a bag of some sort—sometimes every hand and arm was overloaded with luggage—and, as is the case nowadays, each accessory was heavily logo’d and printed with the iconic Double F, reaching for that ever modern, ever viral sensation of instant recognition. Take a trip through backstage scenes of the collection, as seen by photographer Luigi Lista in the slideshow above.

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