Stephen Shore’s lens is infinitely fascinating. His view of the world allows for one to experience poignant moments that could easily pass by undocumented if not for his inclination to shoot. We were lucky enough to have our portrait taken by him in our hometown of Santa Cruz, California, and he has been a dear friend ever since. His beautiful spirit is inspiring, and his photography and artistic practice reveal the poetry of existence through the exploration of the everyday. We were given access to Stephen’s work from the 70s that has been previously unpublished for this project. We printed out each image and laid them amongst each other on the floor. We stood above them, and slowly edited the worlds together, pulling images from one body of work into the next. We are unsure which dates these photographs are from, and where they were all physically taken, but we found in them a world that we want to walk through and explore further.

“Stephen Shore,” encompassing the entirety of the artist’s work of the last five decades, opens November 19, 2017, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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