Alchemy, Synthesizers, Fashion, and Skateboarding—the formative ideas that drive guest editor Olivier Rizzo may seem at odds to some. But growing up in Belgium in the 70s, these were so emotionally and visually captivating that they continue to inform and inspire him today. A stylist—calling him that seems to miss the point—Olivier is someone who seeks to find the beauty in everything he touches: friendship, fashion, art, and music. Often things that remain constant over the years are said to be the most true. And Olivier’s commitments to his inspirations and to his friendships are some of the truest things we’ve seen. His ingrained devotion to beauty— unconventional, sometimes ugly, and at times simple—led us to him, and him to us, as Document’s guest editor for this issue.

—Nick Vogelson & James Valeri

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